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Feminine Hygienic Intimates

Latex-free Underwear

The Derma Factor – Hygeia’s research and development team did not overlook the important dermatological concern of latex allergy.
The waistband and leg openings in most cotton underwear are made with elastic using LATEX, a natural rubber. Latex can cause allergic skin reaction that is similar to contact dermatitis. Medical surveys confirm that one of the most frequent causes of latex allergy in many patients has been intolerance to the latex used in making rubber gloves, and the elastic used in swimsuits, bras and underwear. Rashes may develop as a result of inflamation set off by the allergy. Itching almost always accompanies this condition. Latex can also aggravate skin due to inadequate drying and Climatic irritation… cold climate can cause dry chapped skin and hot weather can cause excessive sweating. Hygeia uses special latex-free elastic in the waistband and leg openings of each garment, thus providing distinctive hypoallergenic qualities.

Latex-free underwear properties – In addition, this revolutionary elastic offers the following added features:

  • Much higher endurance than rubber.
  • Slim,Thin, and Light weight with necessary stretch power.
  • One third the thickness of standard rubber with the same elasticity and stretch.
  • Provides a soft “barely there” touch to the skin, while making panty lines less visible.
  • Soft but firm and comfortable fit of the garment on the body, with no feel of pitch, itch, and irritation.

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